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Cementitious Paint


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Firefite® 30 is a cementitious, sprayable fireproofing material specifically designed for internal or external use. Firefite® 30 is applied to structural steel or concrete in commercial as well as industrial areas due to its excellent weather resistance and durability.


Firefite® 30 is asbestos and chloride free and consists of factory produced blend of exfoliated insulating aggregates, heat resistant cementitious binders, mix dispersing additives and bonding agents. It is supplied as a dry mix to which clean water is added on site into a special spraying machine.


Firefite® 30 may be applied to structural steel members coated with red lead iron oxide resin oil, alkyd zinc chromate, zinc epoxy, epoxy polyamide or acrylic polymer latex.


Firefite® 30 should only be installed by trained and approved applicators.

Fire Performance

Firefite® 30 is rated non-combustible and complies with the performance requirements of surface burning characteristics as per ASTM E84.


Firefite® 30 is classified in accordance with EN 13381-4, ASTM E119, ISO 834 and BS 476: Pt. 20/22 for fire resistance ratings from 1 to 4 hours on steel structures.

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